We have always wanted to know what bloggers, celebrities … do to have beautiful skin, beautiful hair or even a beautiful beard. Thanks to Corsica Beauty, you will finally know it!

This is today the SECRETS OF BEAUTY OF …

We refresh you a little memory … At Corsica Beauty, we are a fan of Corsica and what it offers us. We sought to know the beauty secrets of the people we consider representative of this island beauty and interviewed them!

A few weeks ago now, it’s a blogger attached to her world who revealed her secrets for perfect skin in all circumstances: MADEMOISAILES A.

Today, the beautiful host of INSEME who shares with tips and other beauty tips: it is CELIA PETRONI. So before putting yourself in front of the TV, read his little secrets.

This pretty smiling blonde is attached to our culture, our heritage, our values. Winter is here, but its natural and sparkling beauty warms our heart and gives us the impression of being already in the spring.

But the natural beauty is hidden from the little secrets that the beautiful Célia entrusts to us today.

Your favorite Corsican scent:
The scents of the maquis in spring, and above all the scent of citrus flowers, citron and orange tree.

Your favorite Corsican beauty product:
BB cream with immortelle

The trick of mammò without which you can not live anymore?
A dry sweet almond oil applied to the face before going to sleep

Your beauty gestures?
Body-to-hands daily hydration!

How do you do to have such beautiful hair?
An essential conditioner with my hair curly, dry by nature, and a gentle drying that does not attack the hair, or even a drying in the open air, it is even better

What is a good cosmetic for you?
The grail is a day cream that is not too fat but moisturizes well, that matifies but leaves the skin to breathe, smells fresh and stays fresh, that can be applied in thirty seconds and that does not not fifteen minutes to be absorbed! If in addition it is slightly tinted, it’s perfect.

Your detox reflex?
I drink several times a day herbal teas, for immune defenses, to reboost, to relax, even aphrodisiac (the tea of ​​lovers!) There is a great herbalist Ajaccio (Herbalism Rolland) which makes surprising mixtures.

Your tips great shape?
A breakfast prepared by my sweetheart: bread-butter-jam sandwiches, kiwis, a smoothie of which he alone has the secret and an hour of sport

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the heart of the Iranian capital

A few blocks from Vanak Square in the heart of the Iranian capital, a discreet sign hanging at the entrance of a concrete building indicates the location of Cheherda Lounge (which means “Faces”). Like everything about women in Iran, the place is far from within sight. It is only after having crossed the vestibule of the building, crossed a passage giving on an external court and climbed a few floors in the biting cold that one finally sees a pink screen which makes us guess the entrance.

With faces uncovered
It’s 10:30 in the morning, a foggy Monday in February, but the small studio already looks like an anthill. Twenty employees play the brush and chisel to meet the demand of the ladies who jostle at the gate. At the entrance, the manager makes appointments by phone. In front of the closed window of a white blind, a beautician frantically files the nails of her client. The continuous blowing of the dryer mixes with the modulations of Farsi, the language of the country, and with sharp bursts of laughter. The atmosphere is relaxed. Clean and restrained, but rather narrow and crushed by neon light, Faces is a typical beauty salon for middle-class women in Tehran.


“It’s almost always crowded,” says Peggy, 28, a fake blonde with dyed eyebrows and cowboy boots that looks more like an American than an Iranian. “But this is nothing compared to Norouz (Iranian New Year, which begins in mid-March). During the holidays, I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Overwork that is not without advantage since his monthly income can then go from 2,772,000 rials ($ 300), the base salary , at 9,240,000 rials ($ 1,000), thanks to the tips.


Sarah, a colleague, joins the conversation. “Iranian women have always been pretty, but since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, as we have to hide our curves and our heads under the veil, all our attention is focused on the face and hands,” she said, turning to the table dedicated to manicures and pedicures, in the center of the room.
She pointed out, however, that there have been changes since the days of Khatami (1997-2005). The coats are more fitted and the girls are more motivated to watch their line, unlike the time when the female forms were lost under the chador, the fabric covering the head and body. Iranian women are increasingly resorting to cosmetic surgery to inflate their lips or their breasts: “Wives want to keep their husbands! jokes Peggy. Since traditions are lost and men go elsewhere, they must make extra efforts. ”

Next door, 20-year-old Elham, the youngest employee, sweeps the locks of hair on the floor. She has a white plaster on her nose. Like many Iranian women, she decided to have her face redone, a common practice in Canada. You only have to pay 14 million rials ($ 1,600) for the operation and that’s it.


In the narrow hallway of the entrance, two middle-aged women peel hairstyles magazines with astonished eyes. The haircuts of the new generation seem eccentric to them. What is in today in Iran? “It depends on tastes and styles,” says Sarah. But let’s say that fashion is rather long with bangs. And especially: dye please, preferably blond. Influenced by US pop shows and satellite-based Fashion TV, many Iranian women dream of resembling Hollywood stars. It sometimes gives surprising results, as illustrated in this photo of Peggy’s sister-in-law: a false platinum blonde with eyebrows and ebony eyes.
Limited freedom


The prohibitions remain nonetheless numerous in the country of the mullahs. Mahnaz, manager of the show for five years, assures that her work is still limited by the restrictions of the regime. “Tattoos are prohibited, as is the nail implant. Even a bride has to put on her headscarf when she comes out of the living room after being pampered for hours … It’s very restrictive. Not to mention the policewomen of the vice squad, who sometimes come to the salon unexpectedly.
And the hijab, it is not harmful to the hair? “This is what doctors have long claimed,” says Mahnaz, because the scarf deprives the hair of vitamin D provided by the sun. But in recent years, as Tehran has become one of the most polluted cities in the world, it is said that the hijab would protect toxins from the air. ”

Pollution or not, Mahnaz would prefer to do without it, even if she has the rare privilege of being able to work without. “When we arrive in the morning and remove the hijab, it is not a real liberation, says this woman of 45 years. We do not want to be

pierce the beauty secrets of Spanish women

Dap directoalprofesional: pierce the beauty secrets of Spanish women
Dap directoalprofesional is a brand of cosmetics of Spanish origin. Review this Confidentials article for more details about the brand.
Quality and discretion! These are the slogans conveyed by the Spanish brand Dap directo al profesional to satisfy its fans. The products it offers are perfect for the body, the face and even the hair. Discover the best solutions of hair care and specific care through the range Dap directo al profesional. The brand has everything planned to meet the most subtle requirements.

Finely crafted hair care

Treat yourself to wonderful hair care by enjoying the benefits that Dap directo al profesional can offer to your hair. Whether you have dry hair, destructured, worn or dehydrated, several varieties of products will be at your disposal: shampoos, styling water, hairsprays, coloring products, nutritional masks, hair protectors, etc. Dap directo al profesional allows you to ensure a good hydration to your hair. It frees you from the discomfort caused by hair looking dull and rough. When used properly, these products give tone and vitality to your hair.

Specific treatments for authentic beauty

Offering extraordinary care is now easily accessible thanks to Dap directo al profesional. Faced with the multiple needs of women, the brand offers different types of products to bring them optimal satisfaction: hand creams, massage oils, lip fixatives, sunscreens, etc. Dap directo al profesional also offers adapted facials through its body milks. In short, its cosmetics will make you happy while taking care of you.

Korean and Japanese women and youthful appearance

Asian women, especially Korean and Japanese women, are known for their perfect and youthful appearance. To achieve perfect skin, they follow a special beauty routine that is passed on from generation to generation.

Asian women spend an hour on the beauty of their skin every day. This is their beauty ritual known as “Layering”. This practice involves using multiple face care products. Its principle is to superimpose layers of care that will purify, moisturize and nourish the skin. Once the skin is cleansed, apply a moisturizing lotion to tighten the pores, preferably with the palms of the hands.

The 7 stages of Layering
We first start by cleaning the skin with an oil to eliminate makeup and excess sebum. You can use jojoba oil or coconut oil. Then clean your skin with a foaming soap. Then, apply a lotion to remove this invisible residue that can generate small imperfections. It is recommended to use rose water, lavender or blueberry).
The fourth step of Layering is putting a serum on the skin to protect it. You can choose between dry oils or aloe gel. Make circular movements to get it into the skin. For the eye contour, Asian women uses the vegetable oil of prickly pear. Then put your night cream on your face and add a drop of Tea Tree essential oil. Finally, apply a very rich lip balm or shea butter on your lips.


the perfect mascara is the Internet that has found it

Finding the perfect mascara seems like a very complex task. And yet it was the Internet that finally brought it to us on a set.
You have tried dozens and you still have not managed to find the one that suits you best. In your make-up kit, the missing piece you’re never happy with is your mascara. Generally speaking, you are satisfied with it but there is always something that grieves you: packages, not enough volume or a texture too dry … Everything is good to be good reviews and continue our search.

Stop it all: the perfect mascara is the Internet that has found it!

This mascara achieves a false-eyelash effect like you’ve never seen before
Makeup: mascara, matte lipstick, palettes … 45 products within 10 €!
Indeed, beautystas are in full effervescence around a product that will not fail to make its small effect. The buzz started on the platform Reddit, that the unconditional beauty now know very well and spread like a trail of powder on the web. It is with the subtle Essence brand that we owe the most perfect product of all time. This mascara would have, according to all users, all the qualities required and necessary to make you look mad. Continue…

Zendaya last News

Zendaya had been in a couple for 4 years and nobody knew anything about it …

Earlier this week, Zendaya firmly canceled rumors that she would be in a relationship with Tom Holland, the Spider-Man actor: Homecoming. But it turns out that his love life was rather complicated. In her recent interview with Vogue, the actress revealed that she had been involved in a four-year relationship until spring 2016, when her boyfriend at the time broke up with her.

Zendaya told the magazine that this boyfriend was his first love, adding that they did not leave each other in good terms. But despite the fact that she has never been seen with a boyfriend, the actress notes that she has evolved, and that she is now in a much better form, “you know you’re ok with you – even in a breakup when your first thought is not, “what did I hurt?”, or to tell myself that it was the most stupid decision of your life, and you’re going to regret forever. ” Continue…

how do we change our beauty routin ?

Once the holidays are over, we have only one thing in mind: taking care of our hair, a bit damaged by the sun. Before the cold weather arrives, we change our beauty routine and put on nourishing masks, we buy a suitable brush and ultra-nutritive treatments. Mademoiselle Public has selected for you, the best elixirs and hair tools to “pimper” your mane!
Driiiiiiiiiing! The bell rings and as every week, we waited for this moment with impatience. On Fridays, this is THE shopping rendezvous that all the beautystas love. This moment when we really want to relax, ready to go on weekends and think of nothing except what we love to do. In other words: stroll, have fun, shopper .. Continue…

first time at the cinema in the last Spider-man

the pretty Zendaya Coleman turns 21 years old. Despite her young age, the American actress can already boast of having dared ALL hair eccentricities. Blond, brown, red, smooth hair, wavy or curly … It’s up to you to decide which hairstyle suits him best!
The youngest among us have discovered the beautiful Zendaya in the series “Shake It Up” broadcast a few years ago on the Disney Channel. Alongside Bella Thorne, the young woman signs her first big role on the small screen. If others have seen it for the first time at the cinema in the last Spider-man, many people know it above all for its sharp sense of fashion and its out of the ordinary style. Continue…

Kamila was jealous of my relationship with Noré!

On Instagram, the former candidate of Secret Story 11 has revealed herself sexy, molded in a swimsuit one piece red …
Noré and Kamila have just renewed their wedding vows. And the two lovebirds wanted to share this great moment with their subscribers on Snapchat. What to delight their team!

Moreover, both have plans to invest the 100,000 euros won by Noré in the final of the eleventh season of Secret Story in stone and intend to start a family.

Video: In Intimacy: Lydia (SS11): “Kamila was jealous of my relationship with Noré!”
Video: Makao (SS11): “I did not do Secret Story to represent the President of the Republic!”
But before that, Kamila and Noré, passionate about the travels and the discovery of new cultures, will probably fly very soon to one of the destinations that they do not know yet. Continue…

What are Zendaya’s hair secrets?

What are Zendaya’s hair secrets?
Wondering how Zendaya maintains her beautiful curly and voluminous hair? Lucette, your online beauty consultant, led the investigation and reveals the secrets of Zendaya to take care of your curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.
Tip # 1: Oil for deep nourishment

It is essential to use products that will deeply nourish your hair fiber. So do like Zendaya using a vegetable oil-based shampoo, such as Garnier’s Avocado Oil and Ultra-Shea Butter Shampoo, just like your hair masks.

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