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Contrary to what you can think, the Japanese beauty secret lies not in the rice powder, nor in their consumption of sushi (sorry!). No. Their secret weapon is actually a small sponge made with a tuber called konjac. You know?

Made with the famous Amorphophallus konjac root, the konjac sponge has been used for over 1,500 years by the Japanese to gently cleanse and exfoliate their delicate skin. In addition to being suitable for the most sensitive skin (it was initially designed to clean the skin of babies), this sponge is 100% biodegradable and 100% natural (we like!). It also seems that it has a very alkaline pH, that is to say, it has the power to naturally balance the acidity of the skin, which is one of the characteristics of oily skin and acne.

How to use it ?

When dry, the konjac sponge is hard as rock. Just spend a few seconds under warm water to soften and become soft as a cloud. It will also double in size! Then, it is used as is or with a small amount of our favorite cleaner and we massage our face by making small circular movements with the sponge. We rinse his face and the sponge with warm water, and that’s it! Its exfoliating action is so gentle that it is suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive (rosacea, eczema, etc.).


How to keep it?

If you use the sponge daily, it lasts 2 to 3 months – it changes when it begins to crumble. Simply rinse with warm water after each use and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. To ensure good hygiene, it can be disinfected once a week by immersing it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, then it is suspended to dry.

The most popular beauty trends on Google in 2017

Which keywords have been typed most often in Google’s search engine in 2017 for beauty trends? * Suspense *
The most popular beauty trends on Google in 2017
I have to confess to you that in general I am always apprehensive when I discover the Google search charts of the year in all areas because I do not always understand people.

I also like the reactions that we can have by discovering them from “what the fuck” to “ok why not”.

TOP 10 beauty trends 2017 searched on Google

Without more suspense, here are the top ten beauty searches on Google in this year’s history in France.

1. Exercise abs

The queen of beauty searches on Google has fallen … I will not comment (because of my acute non-sportiness) but if the sport, fitness boots you here are five channels to play sports.

2. Black point mask

Level extermination of blackheads, there is a lot of article on all the tips to remove its blackheads and avoid dilated pores, including very painful masks, and how to distinguish them from the microcysts and nodules.


inRead invented by Teads
Strangely we have more articles (and a video) on this subject than on the exercises for the abs.

3. Split ender

The Split Ender is a fork-cutter that looks like a harvester’s harvester.

Marina had told you about this machine of the future in the article “We cut the forks keeping the length”, the dream that becomes reality.

This is also called the hair dusting, the device is a brush with blades that cut everything that is damaged!

4. Pilates leg kick

I am not an expert in pilates, fitness or sports in general, but after verification it is a specific position of pilates.

5. Facial epilator

Shaving the face was a beauty secret pin-up of the last century, a priori the fight against facial hair continues in 2017.

6. Cookies makeup

If the brand Cookies Makeup figure in trends, it’s not for nothing. The makeup it offers at prices that defy any competition!

7. Women’s short haircut

I had already noticed the craze around short hairstyle items and to tame the short haircuts that push back so I’m not surprised, not shocked, and not disappointed to find these keywords in the 2017 beauty trends.

group of beauty tools


A fresh complexion is above all a clean skin. This is the key point of this routine. The skin is cleaned morning and evening of make-up and pollution residues, as well as sebaceous dust and secretions. If this step is not done correctly, the pores get dirty, the complexion tarnishes, the skin breathes badly. The most effective, a cleansing with water with a foaming formula applied if possible with a soft brush to slightly exfoliate the dead cells on the surface. For those in a hurry, micellar water is very effective, but it does not leave the feeling of freshness of the water since there is no rinsing. Our advice: make sure to wipe his face gently tapping.



At least 12 products are in the care routine of Koreans, which shows the interest they have in their skin. But here they are more and more to work and must reduce this routine. Hence the arrival of concept more in phase with an active life. The single-dose and quick-acting masks, the sleeping mask for a rested and radiant skin in the morning. BB creams that are both care and looks good, cache flaws and soothing. Cushion foundation, with a small pad soaked for a covering effect but natural. Moisturizing care lotions to plump up the epidermis and give it that radiant side. And then, the local laboratories are working on lightening products to preserve a porcelain carnation, the intangible foundations of foundation that bring a bright and anti-imperfections Photoshop effect.

What we do not admit to let the most beautiful girls in the world

What we do not admit to let the most beautiful girls in the world enjoy before us … Vloggist has assembled for you in 4 volumes the hidden beauty secrets that will be all the rage in 2017.

Care dirty hairs: the new trend of dirty hair? Another way to look for lice in the chemicals that invade the bathroom. Filled with sylicones and other materials, some shampoos attack the scalp. The idea of ​​this new trend? Take care of your hair with 100% natural products enriched with living bacteria beneficial to the body to restore the capillary flora, nourish and revitalize. Beneficial bacteria that act as a barrier against aggression. To adopt the grunge look and structure her hairstyle way jump from bed.

The beauty secrets of Sarodj

The beauty secrets of Sarodj
Beautiful and talented, Sarodj Bertin represented Haiti at the 59th edition of Miss Universe held in 2010. The young woman who has just launched its own line of makeup entrusts with joy of heart its beauty secrets to Ticket. However, due to excessive modesty or shyness, she chose to dodge certain questions from our questionnaire. Does Sarodj have someone in his life? Has she changed a part of her body or would she like to do it? She preferred to hide these details. On the other hand, she speaks to us gladly of the relations which she maintains with her body.
You are perceived as an icon of beauty. How do you live that?

Kind of Beauty Tools called : CLARISONIC



The main Clarisonic can be considered the beauty tool of the  all beauty tools, all  my friends. The thing is, until I got my Clarisonic, I thought I had ok skin. False. My skin feels and looks infinitely better when using any cleanser with the Clarisonic than without. Not. Even. Close. This is how much I love my Clarisonic: I randomly met the inventor while at a work meeting in San Diego, and I geek ed out like a was teenager at my 1st boy band concert. Embarrassing. But you see the point, yes?

Must Have Beauty Tools: Clarisonic Mia


You will see that if I got the Wet Brush from my PopSugar Must Have monthly subscription box. Silly little plastic (plastic and yellow!) brush, but I love it! I don’t know how this petite little thing manages to brush through my thick wet hair without a single pull, but it’s the truth. No More Tears shampoo will become obsolete with this arrival.

Every beauty tool has a way that can intended as a kind of Secret of beauty