The beauty secrets of the stars

A fetish care, a beauty advice followed to the letter, each star has his little tips to boost its beauty. The editorial team is therefore looking for these little things that make all the difference and reveals the secrets of the most beautiful women on the planet people.
A miraculous care, a recipe of grandmother or mother, a beauty habit followed religiously … It is sometimes enough to be sublime for any occasion. And that, the stars have understood well: they do not hesitate to bet on their tricks to be at the top of their beauty and it works! The editor inquired and unearthed you the secrets beauties of the stars.

Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, what are the beauty tips of the most beautiful women in the world to radiate? A perfect complexion, a glowing skin, silky hair, a toned body … All have small beauty tips to share with us. From the simplest recipes to be made like hot lemon water to the specific care of big brands, the stars like to take time for them despite their fast pace of life.

Kate Winslet heals her hair with argan oil, Emma Stone is a fan of grape seed oil masks, Gisèle Bündchen moisturizes her skin with jojoba oil … The stars enjoy the natural benefits of vegetable oils .

While some have some pretty amazing secrets, like Natalie Portman coating her eyelashes with vaseline and Kate Moss plunging her head into an iced cucumber bath, their tips seem to be more than beneficial to their timeless beauty and youthfulness.

According to them, the key to beauty lies in self-confidence. And yes, the stars have like us their small complexes. Tips from makeup artists, sayings of their mother or philosophy of life, the stars of the red carpets focus on their charm assets and they are right!