This is the first time you play a fragrance. What seduced you in Chloe’s proposal?

Chloé is a truly iconic home, whose universe has always attracted me spontaneously. I recognize myself in the values ​​of the brand, and for me this brand truly symbolizes the look and authenticity, femininity assumed timeless French elegance. All these reasons make it really a dream collaboration for me, and I did not hesitate a second.


How would you define today’s Chloe woman?

For me, Chloé women embody a self-assured and effortless femininity, the pure quintessence of Parisian chic. I feel that houses like Chloe encourage women to assert themselves, and give them the strength to be as they are.


Your everyday beauty routine?

I wake up, I immediately take a coffee while leaving a mask that wakes my skin. I read the press, I go in the shower, I dry my hair and then I apply my perfume Chloe! I never leave home without a solid SPF and a hat. I really like Sisley products, I recognize myself in the natural and spontaneous approach of the beauty that this brand cultivates.


And on the makeup side?

I go out a maximum “bare face”, to allow my skin to recover from the backlash jet lag and long hours spent shooting, where I wear a pretty important makeup. Sometimes I apply a few concealer – depending on how many hours I slept the day before – but my make-up routine is very minimalist.


Your favorite beauty products?

Benefit’s Benetint liquid blush, which brings a fresh color to my cheeks, and a bite-bite side to my lips. I also like the In Fiore brand products, in particular the Cellular Renewal Complex serum, as well as Sisley’s Rose Rose and Precious Oil mask, which leave my skin glowy and perfectly hydrated.


Your favorite beauty spots?

The institute of skin guru Joanna Vargas in New York, she is for me the best fatalistic in the world. I also like Aires Ancient Bath in Tribe, old-fashioned baths in the heart of the city. In Paris, I am a fan of the Peninsula spa, especially for their Biological Recherche care, a brand that I am an absolute fan of.