What we do not admit to let the most beautiful girls in the world enjoy before us … Vloggist has assembled for you in 4 volumes the hidden beauty secrets that will be all the rage in 2017.

Care dirty hairs: the new trend of dirty hair? Another way to look for lice in the chemicals that invade the bathroom. Filled with sylicones and other materials, some shampoos attack the scalp. The idea of ​​this new trend? Take care of your hair with 100% natural products enriched with living bacteria beneficial to the body to restore the capillary flora, nourish and revitalize. Beneficial bacteria that act as a barrier against aggression. To adopt the grunge look and structure her hairstyle way jump from bed.

Cuvée Shampoo: Champagne Shower !! It’s the day after an evening more than watered, during which her hair was literally bathed in champagne that the creator, Rachel Katzman, realized that her hair was more beautiful !! Neither one nor two, she decided to decline the elixir in a complete range from shampoo to care. Capillary drunkenness guaranteed !!

Brilliance at a glance thanks to Acuvue Define Lense contact lenses specially designed for the beauty and youthful look. They intensify the look and correct the appearance of the iris that tarnishes due to fatigue and blood vessels too visible. They come in different models: sparkle, shimmer, shine to adapt according to the color of your eyes.

The magnetic mask is a real UFO: identified natural flying object that lands in the bathroom! We reassure you, you do not risk taking a shot of juice, but surely a crush! Totally futuristic, just put it down and let it work 10 to 15 minutes before removing it with … a magnet! No need for water, all is due to its composition enriched with minerals and iron powder loaded with magnetic waves. By removing the mask, the magnet captures impurities and toxins that clog the pores while acting against skin aging. The perfect combo!