At least 12 products are in the care routine of Koreans, which shows the interest they have in their skin. But here they are more and more to work and must reduce this routine. Hence the arrival of concept more in phase with an active life. The single-dose and quick-acting masks, the sleeping mask for a rested and radiant skin in the morning. BB creams that are both care and looks good, cache flaws and soothing. Cushion foundation, with a small pad soaked for a covering effect but natural. Moisturizing care lotions to plump up the epidermis and give it that radiant side. And then, the local laboratories are working on lightening products to preserve a porcelain carnation, the intangible foundations of foundation that bring a bright and anti-imperfections Photoshop effect.


Because they stack the layers of products in millefeuilles, the Koreans seek fine textures and quickly absorbed, which blend into the skin and coexist with each other. Hence a new generation of hyper-light textures. The very warm Korean climate, which involves shiny and shiny skin, has given rise to mattifying, sebum regulating, anti-imperfection and refreshing textures. They are found in mattifying day creams but also “primer”, creams that provide light while masking pores and redness. Note: this climate has also made it possible to develop long-lasting antiperspirant deodorants. As for ingredients, Koreans love natural ingredients like eggs, rice, fruits and vegetables.


Koreans love high-performance products as well as fun and practical objects. Cloth masks impregnated with products. Staggered pots in the shape of a ball, an egg, a banana or even a panda. Flamboyant colors and very girly, comic patterns, mini models for the bag. Beauty treatments, such as makeup, are full of practical ideas to make the beauty of the Koreans easier. Recognized and especially observed in the rest of the world, the beauty of the Koreans is far from having said its last word.