What was the beauty routine of the mythical Hollywood actress? You already know she loved the Chanel , but do you know her other secrets? Here are five to adopt, some of which are unsuspected!

A luminous complexion thanks to Vaseline

Strange as it may seem, her makeup artist, Allan “Whitey” Snyder, applied petroleum jelly on her face to Marilyn Monroe’s face, before the foundation. A trick that instantly gave the actress skin soft and velvety but that offered him especially under the lights of the spotlights, a complexion always very bright. Allan then applied Vaseline as an illumination on the bones of the cheeks and above the eyebrows, to attract light to the right place. He also used coconut oil to nourish his face and get that famous “glory” complexion.

The contouring to draw his face

To carve her face, Marilyn was already using the famous contouring so dear to Kim Kardashian by digging her cheeks and redrawing the shadows of her face with powder. To reduce her nose, which she continued to find too great although she did it again, she used a little blush that she deposited below but also on its edges, which gave the illusion of a nose thinner and shorter.

His beauty asset: his hairstyle

The one who said “in Hollywood, the virtue of a girl is less important than her hairstyle”, took special care of her hair. Her blond baby color, she owes it to a very aggressive mixture of peroxide and bleach applied every three weeks in sweeping (better make an appointment at the hairdresser if you want the same platinum blonde …) She did not wash her hair every day, she used baby talcum powder that she sprayed on her roots, like a dry shampoo and she wore, before the hour, extensions for hair.

Several layers of lipstick for a luscious mouth

Her favorite lipstick was Guerrilla’s “Diabolical” (now called “Insolence”) but the unforgettable “Some Like it Hot” had a surefire trick to make her lips stand out on the screen: she used a dark lipstick for the corners and the outline, and a lighter in the middle, which gave the impression of a mouth with more relief. She ended up adding a little lip balm for a brilliant rendering.