A fresh complexion is above all a clean skin. This is the key point of this routine. The skin is cleaned morning and evening of make-up and pollution residues, as well as sebaceous dust and secretions. If this step is not done correctly, the pores get dirty, the complexion tarnishes, the skin breathes badly. The most effective, a cleansing with water with a foaming formula applied if possible with a soft brush to slightly exfoliate the dead cells on the surface. For those in a hurry, micellar water is very effective, but it does not leave the feeling of freshness of the water since there is no rinsing. Our advice: make sure to wipe his face gently tapping.


New gesture that comes from Asia and that gives the skin a rebound and plump effect, moisturizing lotion. It is placed on clean skin for the throat moisturizing and regenerative substances. In fact, it depletes the epidermis, the shark, the snore. It is a decisive moment to feel your skin comfortable and fresh.


You can also rehydrate the skin simply with a spray of mineral water. If the temperature is very hot, we think to put it in the refrigerator. On the one hand, the gesture is much more refreshing. On the other hand, the cold acts a vasoconstriction, then a vasodilatation of micro-vessels that give good appearance. After this vaporization, the excess water is absorbed with a tissue paper. Indeed, if this excess water is allowed to evaporate on the surface, the opposite effect is obtained. The skin is dehydrated.


Then apply the jocker with a fresh complexion, serum. It is chosen with active booster radiance in its formula such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. To optimize its effectiveness, we take the time in this beauty routine to massage it well by circular movements without forgetting the outline of the eyes, the mouth and the neck. These few seconds of deep massage revive the circulation on the surface of the epidermis. The skin is more and better oxygenated. The fresh complexion is displayed illico.


To properly fix the active ingredients in the skin, to provide it with natural moisturizing factors, a day cream is essential. It is chosen according to its type of skin but not too thick or too nourishing not to load the epidermis. It not only ensures hydration for several hours, but also protection throughout the day. It is screened against polluting substances to preserve a fresh complexion all day long.


No fresh complexion without a bright glance. We choose the formula according to his problems: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, fatigue. It is applied with the fingertips, mainly with the pulp of the index finger to penetrate the product and awaken the tissues in this region. We insist on the area under the eye, at the level of the pockets, to drain the lymph, deflate the tissues and capture a look cooler and younger.


To keep a fresh complexion over the years, it is better to prevent stains on the face. However, a recent scientific study has shown that UV and, again, pollution are major suppliers of tasks and imperfections. So you do not put your nose out, winter or summer, without sunscreen on your face. In summer especially, we think to re-apply several times in the day. A preventive action but very important in a beauty routine to have a fresh complexion.