Journalist Sophie Davant is still as young as 53 years old. And for good reason ! It seems she has a tip of her own to keep such a pretty skin.
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Sophie Davant, the presenter of the show C’est au program for 2 years now has made an astonishing beauty revelation on Tuesday, February 28 before its viewers. She, who still looks good at 53, first revealed that she did not use rejuvenating creams. Then, bouncing on the words of a listener who used to use organic creams, a picture of her – and her dogs – in support, she laughed, “I use my dog’s drool and it works. very good !”.

Watch out for licking!
If the comment of the presenter is more than the joke, it should be remembered that the saliva of the best friend of man is especially vector of bad bacteria and diseases. In 2014, a study from Massey University (New Zealand) found that the increasing use of antibiotics in animals was contributing to the development of resistant bacteria and was becoming more and more dangerous to humans. Bacteria could be transmitted by the feces: “The animals clean themselves by licking themselves, there may be a faecal contamination of their mouth which then licks the humans,” explained Pr Nigel French, at the head of the study.
Prefer … snail slime
If you really want to hydrate yourself naturally with animal drool: prefer that of the snail! In July 2013, the daily Metronews reported the existence of a Japanese spa that offers its customers facials with snails. Creeping on their skin, small animals spread their slime rich in glycolic acid, vitamins C, A, E and collagen.

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