Clay is a sedimentary rock found in the form of clay rich in minerals such as aluminum, magnesium, calcium and many others. It is found around the world and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for small cutaneous sores – but also fat! Today, more and more, it has become one of the essential cosmetics to have in your bathroom closet if you want to play the fatal but natural beauties! There are several varieties, each with many properties. Let’s discover their virtues.
The flagship clays of cosmetics
Some clays are used more in cosmetics than others. In our shops, we often find green clay and ready-to-use white clay, to the delight of your skin!
Green clay, the best ally against excess sebum
Of all the clays used in cosmetics, green clay is surely the most popular! And for good reason, it is very suitable for skin problems and oily hair because it absorbs excess oil. It is used as a hair mask or facial that is allowed to pose a few minutes. Result? A fresh complexion, healthy hair! In short, a very good alternative to chemicals that claim to cleanse the skin and hair. But that’s not his only asset! Clay is very effective at healing wounds! Indeed, it prevents microbes from proliferating and allows wounds to heal.
White clay: taking care of your skin gently
The second most used clay in cosmetics is white clay, which is also called “Kaolin”. White clay will be used more for sensitive skin and dry or damaged hair. It is a very delicate clay, perfect for skin irritation or itching. Unlike green clay, it is very well tolerated and there is no risk of contracting allergies using kaolin. For mixed skin, we can make a mask preparation by putting a little green clay and a little white clay to get the most out of the benefits of this natural care.
A variety of clay for every need!
There are many other types of clay, and for each of them, a range of benefits. Do not panic ! You will find the one that suits you.
A rainbow of clays
Green clay, white clay, red clay, we know them now; but other clays can all be part of your beauty ritual:
Red clay concentrates various properties. It will help balance the skin by restoring vitality. It also stimulates blood circulation! It can therefore be applied to the body to avoid problems such as cellulite or stretch marks.
Blue clay eliminates impurities in the pores of the skin thanks to its oxygenating power.
Pink clay: very used for sensitive skin. Not only does it soften the skin, but it also helps erase redness and promote cell renewal.
Yellow clay is the ally of a specific type of skin: oily skin that is both very sensitive. It is also very indicated in the treatment of cellulite, just like red clay.
The rhassoul
Rhassoul is a variety of clay powder that is used most often to clean the skin and hair. It is a clay found almost exclusively in the Maghreb. The particularity of rhassoul is that it will absorb all impurities, whether they are on the skin or on the hair! This is therefore very advantageous for oily skin or oily hair. It can still be used on any other type of skin: it is equally suitable for delicate skin. The rhassoul is one of the oriental beauty secrets that we envy.
So you know everything about clay! You are lucky, it is a product whose price is very affordable! Natural and accessible, what more do we want?