Olivia Wilde: she delivers her beauty secret

On Byrdie.com, Olivia Wilde shared some beauty tips. Among them: the importance of being properly hydrated.

Actress Olivia Wilde always hydrates properly before applying makeup. The Meadowland star has always been concerned about her appearance and if her beauty ritual is simple, she always makes sure to have a good moisturizing product. “Hydrate! No matter how good your makeup is, if you do not take care of your skin, it will not look good, “she told Byrdie.com. Since a young age, the actress has learned to take care of her skin and protect her from the sun. The beautiful brunette has fair skin, so it is vital for her to use sunscreen. “It’s funny, my mother always told me to put sunscreen – she was in it all, and for a woman who grew up in California, it was pretty precursor,” she added. I would never go out without anything. It’s not part of my habits. ”

To give her fair skin a beautiful tint, Olivia Wilde always wears foundation or a moisturizing colored product. And if she is still impeccable on the red carpet, in everyday life, the actress has more simple habits. “It’s very, very simple,” she said with a smile. I put a CC Cream Revlon, I make up the eyelashes, I put the foundation and mascara and it’s settled. I do not have time to do more. Well, that’s what I do daily. It’s a minimum, but I also like to dress for parties. I find it funny. And question wardrobe, the actress confided that according to her, every woman should have some male clothes in her closets, in addition to beautiful dresses. “All girls need a good tuxedo. We feel good inside, she told USA Today. It is with everything. “