Korean cosmetics


Own stores, supermarkets and perfumeries have each season with new beauty companies from the Asian country; and the special care that the Korean women put on their skin, the famous 10 steps, is already imitated all over the planet. The ‘boom’ has been such that it was necessary to put some order, and that has been entrusted to the beautician Charlotte Cho, whose manual Secrets of Korean beauty for a radiant skin arrives this week to Spain.

Born in California and with a life halfway between the United States and South Korea since she began her university studies in Seoul, where she is originally from her family, Charlotte is passionate about the way of seeing cosmetics in the Asian country. “For them, taking care of the skin is an investment in well-being, and I can not agree more,” he says. “Seoul breathes beauty.”


Co-founder of the online store Soko Glam and guru in the United States among K-Beauty fans, she believes that the main difference between how we take care of ourselves in Europe and in Asia is that here we wait for something to fail in our skin to treat it. “In Korea, however, they put more emphasis on prevention, without waiting for the first wrinkles to treat them and, meanwhile, put on a concealer”. Also the way of seeing cosmetic care. “It’s done day and night, it’s a routine like brushing your teeth, and this does not mean you have a lot of time, just 10 minutes and, in any case, once a week, dedicate something else for a mask, for example” .

The main difference between how we take care of ourselves in Europe and in Asia? Europeans wait for something to fail to deal with it.

Among the secrets that Charlotte reveals in her book we find some that hydration should be deep and, above all, frequent. “It’s the best way to protect yourself, I can not imagine leaving home without having hydrated my skin before.” Of course, when putting priorities, it is more important to ‘double clean’, a two-step routine that is served first of a cleansing oil and then another water-based. “It’s even more vital because the excess of grease and dirt on the skin can lead to premature aging, spots and even small breaks.”