The beauty secrets of Cate Blanchett
Catherine Elise Blanchett, Cate Blanchett, is an icon of beauty. At 46 years of age, he has an enviable figure and skin, thanks to 7 tricks that ETB2’s ‘La Noche de’ program has revealed to us.

1- Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach: The actress drinks a glass every day, always fasting, because she is convinced of the benefits of vitamin C for health, and for the mood!

2- Bathrooms with grapefruit juice: following with your thesis of vitamin C, sprinkle a good jet of that juice in the water of the bathtub, every time you take a bath. This is how it keeps your skin so radiant.

3- Follow the alkaline diet: It is a controversial diet for the large amount of food that leaves out. It consists of not taking milk, wheat, sugar, red meat, tomatoes, fruits, alcohol, or coffee. It is supposed to be a cleansing diet that removes acids from the body. But the truth is that it eliminates so many things that, according to some, is not very healthy.

4- Use emu essential oil on the skin: The oil properties of this Australian flightless bird are well known by Australian aborigines for thousands of years to protect the skin from sun, wind and burns. Blanchett, as a good Australian, uses this oil to keep her complexion smooth and shiny.

5- Protect yourself from the sun: Use hats, umbrellas, parasols, and whatever it takes, because skin as white as yours suffers a lot with the sun’s rays.

6- Styling and hairdressing care: Blanchett recognizes that he would not look so careful without the professionals who advise him. For her hairstyles, she usually hires Renya Xydis: a prestigious Australian hairdresser. But that woman only deals with the hairstyle, because for the hair color, Cate Blanchett works with Nicola Clark, who is a specialist in dyes. And a third person, whose stage name is Dotti, deals with the makeup of the actress.

7- Rest and exercise: Blanchett tries to maintain a minimum of rest and exercise, which is his secret of ultimate beauty. With half an hour of exercise each day, and sleeping seven hours at least, the actress keep a good face and a spectacular body.