On Instagram, the former candidate of Secret Story 11 has revealed herself sexy, molded in a swimsuit one piece red …
Noré and Kamila have just renewed their wedding vows. And the two lovebirds wanted to share this great moment with their subscribers on Snapchat. What to delight their team!

Moreover, both have plans to invest the 100,000 euros won by Noré in the final of the eleventh season of Secret Story in stone and intend to start a family.

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But before that, Kamila and Noré, passionate about the travels and the discovery of new cultures, will probably fly very soon to one of the destinations that they do not know yet.

The beautiful native of Marseille is particularly eager to pack. She posted on her Instagram account an old photo of her molded in a one-piece swimsuit, a photo taken during a stay in Miami with the man of his life.

On the shot in question, Kamila reveals herself very sexy in Pamela Anderson. The fans have left him nice comments. “A bomb”, “Beautiful my Kamila as always”, “You are beautiful, one of the most beautiful women of reality TV!”, “I remain dazzled”, can we read here and there in the comments.