Finding the perfect mascara seems like a very complex task. And yet it was the Internet that finally brought it to us on a set.
You have tried dozens and you still have not managed to find the one that suits you best. In your make-up kit, the missing piece you’re never happy with is your mascara. Generally speaking, you are satisfied with it but there is always something that grieves you: packages, not enough volume or a texture too dry … Everything is good to be good reviews and continue our search.

Stop it all: the perfect mascara is the Internet that has found it!

This mascara achieves a false-eyelash effect like you’ve never seen before
Makeup: mascara, matte lipstick, palettes … 45 products within 10 €!
Indeed, beautystas are in full effervescence around a product that will not fail to make its small effect. The buzz started on the platform Reddit, that the unconditional beauty now know very well and spread like a trail of powder on the web. It is with the subtle Essence brand that we owe the most perfect product of all time. This mascara would have, according to all users, all the qualities required and necessary to make you look mad.

The Lash Princess, by its small name, combines ultra-long brush and a pleasant texture for max volume and curved lashes without any package effect. You will think: “we have heard that so many times” … But have you heard it in the mouth of thousands of users like you? We do not believe no.

Want to know the icing on the cake? It is only € 2.95 and is already available in France …

We bet you will be eager to try it!