We have always wanted to know what bloggers, celebrities … do to have beautiful skin, beautiful hair or even a beautiful beard. Thanks to Corsica Beauty, you will finally know it!

This is today the SECRETS OF BEAUTY OF …

We refresh you a little memory … At Corsica Beauty, we are a fan of Corsica and what it offers us. We sought to know the beauty secrets of the people we consider representative of this island beauty and interviewed them!

A few weeks ago now, it’s a blogger attached to her world who revealed her secrets for perfect skin in all circumstances: MADEMOISAILES A.

Today, the beautiful host of INSEME who shares with tips and other beauty tips: it is CELIA PETRONI. So before putting yourself in front of the TV, read his little secrets.

This pretty smiling blonde is attached to our culture, our heritage, our values. Winter is here, but its natural and sparkling beauty warms our heart and gives us the impression of being already in the spring.

But the natural beauty is hidden from the little secrets that the beautiful Célia entrusts to us today.

Your favorite Corsican scent:
The scents of the maquis in spring, and above all the scent of citrus flowers, citron and orange tree.

Your favorite Corsican beauty product:
BB cream with immortelle

The trick of mammò without which you can not live anymore?
A dry sweet almond oil applied to the face before going to sleep

Your beauty gestures?
Body-to-hands daily hydration!

How do you do to have such beautiful hair?
An essential conditioner with my hair curly, dry by nature, and a gentle drying that does not attack the hair, or even a drying in the open air, it is even better

What is a good cosmetic for you?
The grail is a day cream that is not too fat but moisturizes well, that matifies but leaves the skin to breathe, smells fresh and stays fresh, that can be applied in thirty seconds and that does not not fifteen minutes to be absorbed! If in addition it is slightly tinted, it’s perfect.

Your detox reflex?
I drink several times a day herbal teas, for immune defenses, to reboost, to relax, even aphrodisiac (the tea of ​​lovers!) There is a great herbalist Ajaccio (Herbalism Rolland) which makes surprising mixtures.

Your tips great shape?
A breakfast prepared by my sweetheart: bread-butter-jam sandwiches, kiwis, a smoothie of which he alone has the secret and an hour of sport

Your favorite Corsica Beauty?
Donna è rose water cleansing mousse and lemon balm

What is your definition of Corsican beauty?
The Corsican woman does not need artifice, she has all the ingredients around her to be beautiful natural! A little sun for the complexion, a fresh scent on the skin, nothing else.