The silk pillowcase: your beauty secret

The silk pillowcase: your beauty secret

What are the properties of silk?

Silk is a soft and resistant material, recognized for millennia for its physical properties but also for its cleansing properties.

First of all, silk is insulating, making it the perfect pad for high-end duvets and pillows.

On the other hand, its softness and its carnal touch are very appreciated in clothing and luxury bed linen.

Finally, few people know the beneficial properties of silk on the skin. Indeed, true beauty ally, it does not irritate and it also protects the skin and hair from dehydration. The silk bed linen provides not only a sense of luxury and pleasure, but also comfort and beneficial properties.

An affordable luxury

In recent years, big brands have been selling silk pillowcases with a lot of marketing and superfluous packaging, mainly using expensive sales networks.

By avoiding all these unnecessary costs, Maison de la soie offers silk pillowcases of the same quality at a price 2 to 3 times lower.

What is the best silk?

The quality of the silk varies mainly depending on the species of butterfly that produces it. The most recognized silk is mulberry silk. It comes from the cocoons of Bombyx Mori caterpillars that feed only on mulberry leaves. The fibers of this silk are strong, of a constant section and a slightly ivory white gloss.

This silk quality has nothing to do with wild silk or silk tussah that does not have the same properties or appearance at all.

Then the selection of mulberry silk fibers longer or shorter gives the grade.

Finally, it is important to choose a sufficient thickness of tissue so that it is resistant to washing.

You will find on our website a grade A silk linen and a density of 19 men that is perfectly suitable for machine washing. You will avoid the chore of washing hand recommended for men under 16.

Which color to choose?

We have chosen to offer the most natural products possible. This is why you will mainly find on our site bed linen in untinted silk. The natural color of the silk is a white slightly ivory tinted. This soothing color is obviously more skin-friendly than a chemical dye. It comes in plain silk satin and patterned silk jacquard.

Ivory silk satin pillow case

Silk jacquard is visually very luxurious but is not as soft as silk satin. The silk jacquard pillowcases have a satin silk side for the night and a jacquard side for daytime decoration so as to keep all the advantages of these two fabrics.

silk jacquard pillowcase

We regularly add new colors for all tastes.

chocolate pillowcase

Which size to choose?

The size is mainly a matter of taste and habit but also a question of cost. In France, the most common size for pillowcases is 50×75 cm. The size 65×65 is slightly more expensive and less suitable for large sizes because square pillows take up more space in the head.

Regarding the finish, pillowcases without edges are more affordable but the steering wheel of 5 cm brings a more beautiful finish.

Why opt for silk?

– For healthy skin

The 18 amino acids and proteins that make up silk are used to make moisturizing creams for the face. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sleep marks. Silk also protects the skin from dehydration. It is therefore suitable for people who suffer from dry skin, but also to all those looking for comfort and want to keep a healthy skin.

– Have healthy hair

The effects of silk on the hair are the same as for the skin: it protects and moisturizes. A silk pillowcase will allow you to keep your hair supple and silky. Some people use it to hold their brushings or smoothings throughout the night. This is another virtue of silk compared to other materials such as cotton.

-Silk is naturally healthy and protective

Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-mite. It can help people with sensitive skin, asthma, eczema or other allergies to the skin or the respiratory tract.

-Anti-transpirant and thermoregulatory

Silk is also thermoregulatory and brakes perspiration. It allows you to sleep more easily and enjoy a sum of money

Green clay, the best ally against excess sebum

Clay is a sedimentary rock found in the form of clay rich in minerals such as aluminum, magnesium, calcium and many others. It is found around the world and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for small cutaneous sores – but also fat! Today, more and more, it has become one of the essential cosmetics to have in your bathroom closet if you want to play the fatal but natural beauties! There are several varieties, each with many properties. Let’s discover their virtues.
The flagship clays of cosmetics
Some clays are used more in cosmetics than others. In our shops, we often find green clay and ready-to-use white clay, to the delight of your skin!
Green clay, the best ally against excess sebum
Of all the clays used in cosmetics, green clay is surely the most popular! And for good reason, it is very suitable for skin problems and oily hair because it absorbs excess oil. It is used as a hair mask or facial that is allowed to pose a few minutes. Result? A fresh complexion, healthy hair! In short, a very good alternative to chemicals that claim to cleanse the skin and hair. But that’s not his only asset! Clay is very effective at healing wounds! Indeed, it prevents microbes from proliferating and allows wounds to heal. Continue…


Journalist Sophie Davant is still as young as 53 years old. And for good reason ! It seems she has a tip of her own to keep such a pretty skin.
© Abacapress
Sophie Davant, the presenter of the show C’est au program for 2 years now has made an astonishing beauty revelation on Tuesday, February 28 before its viewers. She, who still looks good at 53, first revealed that she did not use rejuvenating creams. Then, bouncing on the words of a listener who used to use organic creams, a picture of her – and her dogs – in support, she laughed, “I use my dog’s drool and it works. very good !”.

Watch out for licking! Continue…



The coconut is a magic food: in the kitchen and in the bathroom, it’s a marvel!

It strengthens the immune system and promotes digestion. But it is also a perfect ingredient to moisturize your skin, take care of your hair and your teeth (yes of your teeth …).

Commercial cosmetics often contain chemicals. Tip: prepare your own coconut beauty treatments.

The magic recipe of the hair mask
Dry tips, split ends, brittle hair … In a nutshell! To find a mane silky and healthy, we concoct ourselves our care coconut!
Coconut oil nourishes dry hair. When with rosemary oil, it soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of your hair.
We put on his apron, roll up his sleeves & go for the hair repair mission!

STEP 1: The ingredients
1 teaspoon of rosemary leaves
2 tablespoons of coconut oil

STEP 2: Creating the magic potion
Stack the rosemary in a mortar to extract the oil. Add the coconut oil and mix.

STEP 3: Magic Spread
Well, we warn you, you will not look really sexy, but it’s for the good cause!
Massage your scalp, then apply the mask from roots to ends to cover all the hair. Let stand 20 minutes (see even all night if your hair is very damaged). Rinse and wash your hair with your usual shampoo.

in a hydrating mask for the face to calm skin irritations and cleanse your skin
in bath oil to have the skin soft and hydrated
as a facial scrub to help eliminate imperfections
in body scrub
in body cream, ideal for very dry areas.
by removing makeup
detoxifying mouthwash to eliminate toxins

Do not hesitate: with this oil you will make huge savings in cosmetics, so go for it!

group of beauty tools


A fresh complexion is above all a clean skin. This is the key point of this routine. The skin is cleaned morning and evening of make-up and pollution residues, as well as sebaceous dust and secretions. If this step is not done correctly, the pores get dirty, the complexion tarnishes, the skin breathes badly. The most effective, a cleansing with water with a foaming formula applied if possible with a soft brush to slightly exfoliate the dead cells on the surface. For those in a hurry, micellar water is very effective, but it does not leave the feeling of freshness of the water since there is no rinsing. Our advice: make sure to wipe his face gently tapping.

What was the beauty routine of the mythical Hollywood actress?

What was the beauty routine of the mythical Hollywood actress? You already know she loved the Chanel , but do you know her other secrets? Here are five to adopt, some of which are unsuspected!

A luminous complexion thanks to Vaseline

Strange as it may seem, her makeup artist, Allan “Whitey” Snyder, applied petroleum jelly on her face to Marilyn Monroe’s face, before the foundation. A trick that instantly gave the actress skin soft and velvety but that offered him especially under the lights of the spotlights, a complexion always very bright. Allan then applied Vaseline as an illumination on the bones of the cheeks and above the eyebrows, to attract light to the right place. He also used coconut oil to nourish his face and get that famous “glory” complexion.



At least 12 products are in the care routine of Koreans, which shows the interest they have in their skin. But here they are more and more to work and must reduce this routine. Hence the arrival of concept more in phase with an active life. The single-dose and quick-acting masks, the sleeping mask for a rested and radiant skin in the morning. BB creams that are both care and looks good, cache flaws and soothing. Cushion foundation, with a small pad soaked for a covering effect but natural. Moisturizing care lotions to plump up the epidermis and give it that radiant side. And then, the local laboratories are working on lightening products to preserve a porcelain carnation, the intangible foundations of foundation that bring a bright and anti-imperfections Photoshop effect.

What we do not admit to let the most beautiful girls in the world

What we do not admit to let the most beautiful girls in the world enjoy before us … Vloggist has assembled for you in 4 volumes the hidden beauty secrets that will be all the rage in 2017.

Care dirty hairs: the new trend of dirty hair? Another way to look for lice in the chemicals that invade the bathroom. Filled with sylicones and other materials, some shampoos attack the scalp. The idea of ​​this new trend? Take care of your hair with 100% natural products enriched with living bacteria beneficial to the body to restore the capillary flora, nourish and revitalize. Beneficial bacteria that act as a barrier against aggression. To adopt the grunge look and structure her hairstyle way jump from bed.

How would you define today’s Chloe woman?

This is the first time you play a fragrance. What seduced you in Chloe’s proposal?

Chloé is a truly iconic home, whose universe has always attracted me spontaneously. I recognize myself in the values ​​of the brand, and for me this brand truly symbolizes the look and authenticity, femininity assumed timeless French elegance. All these reasons make it really a dream collaboration for me, and I did not hesitate a second.


How would you define today’s Chloe woman?

For me, Chloé women embody a self-assured and effortless femininity, the pure quintessence of Parisian chic. I feel that houses like Chloe encourage women to assert themselves, and give them the strength to be as they are.

The beauty secrets of Sarodj

The beauty secrets of Sarodj
Beautiful and talented, Sarodj Bertin represented Haiti at the 59th edition of Miss Universe held in 2010. The young woman who has just launched its own line of makeup entrusts with joy of heart its beauty secrets to Ticket. However, due to excessive modesty or shyness, she chose to dodge certain questions from our questionnaire. Does Sarodj have someone in his life? Has she changed a part of her body or would she like to do it? She preferred to hide these details. On the other hand, she speaks to us gladly of the relations which she maintains with her body.
You are perceived as an icon of beauty. How do you live that?