Secrets of beauty: a history of the French cosmetics industry

Secrets of beauty: a history of the French cosmetics industry
At a time when Paris is hosting the 28th Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) and researchers from around the world, BIU Santé is dedicating a virtual exhibition to the history of the French cosmetics industry, with the support of LVMH Research.

This bilingual exhibition invites you to discover the origin and successive developments of industry and research in the fields of care, hygiene and beauty.

At all times, man has sought to take care of his body. Ancient and medieval civilizations left us precious testimonies of this unfailing link between health and beauty. Knowledge and know-how have followed migrations and exchanges between people and have been transmitted, century after century, between tradition and modernity.

If today a cosmetic product is defined at the international level by precise regulations, this was not the case in the past. Cosmetic has thus evolved over the centuries, from the secret, the recipe until today extremely sharp formulas respectful of the international regulations.

What are the techniques, the discoveries, the great scientific advances that have conditioned past and present innovations? These are some of the questions we tried to answer. A rich iconography illustrates the text, giving access to more than 400 rare or unpublished documents.

Treating dry hair: the beauty secrets of Mediterranean women

Treating dry hair: the beauty secrets of Mediterranean women
Want beautiful hair shiny and radiant health? Opt for the beauty secrets of Mediterranean women

The Mediterranean woman has always been associated with beauty. After all, it is said that the Italians are the sexiest in the world and that the beautiful face of Helen of Troy would have triggered a world war … But stop at the cliches: as everywhere, the Mediterranean women have especially good secrets of beauty and tricks to cure dry hair!

The beauty secrets of the stars

The beauty secrets of the stars

A fetish care, a beauty advice followed to the letter, each star has his little tips to boost its beauty. The editorial team is therefore looking for these little things that make all the difference and reveals the secrets of the most beautiful women on the planet people.
A miraculous care, a recipe of grandmother or mother, a beauty habit followed religiously … It is sometimes enough to be sublime for any occasion. And that, the stars have understood well: they do not hesitate to bet on their tricks to be at the top of their beauty and it works! The editor inquired and unearthed you the secrets beauties of the stars.


The layering, Japanese beauty secret

The layering, Japanese beauty secret
Welcome to the world of Benevolent Beauty 🙂 Start quickly to take care of yourself and the planet by learning 7 fashion tips to Reveal your body of Goddess and so finally know how to value you effectively without wasting or over consumption! greengrocer.

secret Japanese

Hello Beauties, I am often asked the products that I use for my skin, and indeed I really like raw organic products. They are natural, non-toxic to my body and Nature and obviously, give bluffing results. After years of classic products strippers and barbaric application methods … I found a velvet skin. In a few months, pores totally tightened and farewell zone T shining 🙂
This week, I would like to talk to you about a big crush that I had while going shopping in my favorite little Biocoop. This is neither more nor less than the Bible for a beauty routine Pin-up Bio!

Layering, Japanese beauty secret, by Élodie-Joy Jaubert,
published by La plage, 2013. Around 10 euros, available everywhere
in supermarkets, at FNAC, at Nature & Découvertes, Biocoop etc.

Already, I was attracted by the pretty cover indicating the meaning of the massages on the face. Knowing from my job as an image consultant the importance of the method of application of the products in their effectiveness, I said to myself “cool, finally a true effective guide to correctly apply the beauty products”. Then, the ancestral ritual side of Japanese women also attracted me a lot, we know their sacred relationship to Nature and also their delicate and symbolic way of making small daily gestures.

I still did not know how well this book matched the Pin-up Bio that I am. From the first pages, I said to myself “Oh my God, (yes in English it does it more than in French lol) it is absolutely necessary that I speak about it on my blog! ! ! ” Why ? Simply because everything is in it. Beauty advice, simple, inexpensive, with healthy products that is organic and raw, which invite us to a special moment of relaxation and well-being with our body. A moment just for us, to bring us tenderness while making the daily gestures of our beauty routine.


The 7 stages of layering
The layering corresponds to all the steps to follow in your beauty routine. I see so many women apply tons of cream in any direction and in an inappropriate way, that they come to attack their skin, to unbalance it with toxic products … in fact to spoil it. Here are the steps of an effective and professional beauty routine to have a skin to fall: refined, unified, plump, healthy and douuuuuuuce as ever! Personally I do not do this technique every night, I reserve the days when I am makeup.

★ make-up removal with oil (in the evening)
Direct, I said “OK, the level is at the rendezvous” because guess what makeup pro teaches in schools makeover … that the best makeup remover is oil!

★ cleaning
This step dissolves the oil.

★ the lotion
No way to stay with a film of hard water on the face, hop hop hop a lotion to fix it and at the same time tighten the pores of the skin. Me j’adoooore the water of orange blossom it feels so good and is perfect for my skin mixed.

★ the serum
Optional step to treat a specific problem: wrinkles, deep dehydration, blemishes etc.

★ the eye area

★ the cream of day or night

★ lip balm


To take care of oneself is to love oneself
All in ten minutes maximum, finally if you do not have the time, but otherwise, knowing that this is a moment for you, a moment of relaxation, relaxation almost meditation where you pay kind attention to your magnificent body, as much to make it last as soon as you can. Take the time to do things, take the time to live. Between a television show in the evening and 20 minutes with yourselves, where you do the most essential action that is, to love you …. I chose 🙂

We come to the essence of this method of layering, it makes us beautiful in a practical way but also spiritual. “What is extraordinary about this process of care is that you get very quickly addicted to it. Why ? Maybe just because it creates awareness, a time you give yourself, a way to take care of your skin, as a deep love gesture, rediscover your appearance and the image that one wishes to have of oneself, through nourished skin, a luminous complexion with refined grain. As the Japanese say, it allows to be in harmony with the elements.

Kind of Beauty Tools called : CLARISONIC



The main Clarisonic can be considered the beauty tool of the  all beauty tools, all  my friends. The thing is, until I got my Clarisonic, I thought I had ok skin. False. My skin feels and looks infinitely better when using any cleanser with the Clarisonic than without. Not. Even. Close. This is how much I love my Clarisonic: I randomly met the inventor while at a work meeting in San Diego, and I geek ed out like a was teenager at my 1st boy band concert. Embarrassing. But you see the point, yes?

Must Have Beauty Tools: Clarisonic Mia


You will see that if I got the Wet Brush from my PopSugar Must Have monthly subscription box. Silly little plastic (plastic and yellow!) brush, but I love it! I don’t know how this petite little thing manages to brush through my thick wet hair without a single pull, but it’s the truth. No More Tears shampoo will become obsolete with this arrival.

Every beauty tool has a way that can intended as a kind of Secret of beauty